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Another thing you will want to consider is your officiating expenses. The things required to officiate VB are not very expensive. You will be responsible for the following:

1. Paying local and state dues.  Annual HOT chapter dues are $55 per year, the TASO membership fee is $85 for the first year and then $100 every year after that.  A new member will have to pay $135 to become a HOT and TASO member their first year.  HOT annual chapter dues must be paid at the start of each season.  After your first year, TASO renewal fees ($100) are required to be paid after 1 Dec and before 1 Feb after the end of each season for the next season.

2. Purchasing a uniform and equipment. The volleyball uniform is black shoes and socks, black slacks, black belt, black watch, and a white TASO polo shirt. Long or Short Sleeved Shirts can only be purchased from authorized vendors. The equipment you are required to have is 2 black whistles (one on a black lanyard, one spare), a pen/pencil, line-up cards, and a flipping coin. The cost of your uniform and equipment is about $120-$150.

3. Of course you are responsible for your own transportation to and from all volleyball activities (meetings and matches).  You are paid a mileage allowance for your travel to and from a match (not for meetings). Currently, the mileage reimbursement is under the Metro guidelines through TASO. All mileage is based on the distance from our Chapter’s center point to the match site. The center point is in Temple, TX.

4. All of these expenses are easily covered by working just 2 nights of volleyball matches. It is possible to claim VB officiating expenses (mileage, car maintenance, uniforms, equipment, and dues) on your income tax.  The HOT chapter and TASO does not provide tax guidance, you will have to do this on your own. But officiating income is taxable and you are required to abide by IRS rules.

Considerations: EXPENSES

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